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Century Link


CenturyLink is a popular Internet provider operating in more than 36 states serving above 16% of the U.S with prompt services. The internet company provides DSL services in most of the CenturyLink serviceable areas. CenturyLink delivers high-speed internet with its fiber-optics. However,Fiber Optics connection by CenturyLink is only accessible to 30% of the population in the U.S. There are several phone plans along with TV streaming packages provided in bundle deals at very reasonable costs.

Efficient Performance with Cost-Effective Plans

Century Link plans and pricing

CenturyLink Simply Unlimited Internet


Download Speed Upto: 100 Mbps

Upload Speed Upto: 100 Mbps

CenturyLink Fiber Internet


Download Speed Upto: 940 Mbps

Upload Speed Upto: 940 Mbps

Centurylink Internet + Home Phone


Download Speed Upto: 100 Mbps

Upload Speed Upto: 100 Mbps

Locate Century Link Internet Packages & Deals Near You

CenturyLink Provides Affordable internet packages, DIRECTV deals, and unlimited phone home services in the above 36 states. Check CenturyLink’s internet availability by entering the zip code. Select a suitable internet package now.

CenturyLink 940 Mbps provides a high-speed internet connection and is the most preferable package. The internet provider also proposes parental controls with secure Wi-Fi for maximum privacy. With the DIRECTTV plan consumers can enjoy watching live sports and the NFL Sunday Ticket. CenturyLink permits users to pick the most preferred internet plan on the basis of their locality, data usage, and other requirements. Every monthly plan provides internet speed up to 100 Mbps without any changes in pricing.

CenturyLink provides three different packages to provide internet comprising DSL, fiber optic network, and CenturyLink phone services. To experience a complete package users can also integrate DIRECTV with CenturyLink internet deals.

For monitoring activity and keeping children safe, CenturyLink provides a parental control feature with an unlimited home phone. Stay safe and stay connected with CenturyLink home phone service, now offering local, long-distance, and international calling to over 100 countries.

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